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I’m a December 2017 graduate of the Ohio State University with a Bachelor of Arts in history and a minor in communications. I currently work in Fayetteville, Arkansas in conjunction with IMG College and the University of Arkansas athletics program as the social media correspondent.

My path to getting here:

Although I spent the large majority of my time in undergrad studying history — World War II in particular — my belief in my calling is leading me towards sports and the sports industry through a digital and social media perspective.


History was something that I loved when I came to Ohio State. It was something firm that allowed me to delve further into academia but weave my own path. It turns out that path took me too long to switch majors, but I was able to graduate from Ohio State in 3 1/2 years and still manage to pick up a digital-related minor.

Along the way to finding this passion for digital and social media production, I’ve taken a broad and winding path to find what I enjoy doing.

It started getting my first camera the winter of 2015. A point-and-shoot that I used to take to Columbus Blue Jackets games and a love flourished. First as a hobby and then as something professionally-minded as well. A Canon 7D upgrade the following spring was a welcomed change and really brought my perspective and drive for creating content to the next level.

Buckeye Sports Bulletin in the fall of 2016 was my first real exposure to editorial. Learning the print industry and putting in the grunt work — non-revenue features, copy-editing and taking pictures when I could. Highlights there included Ohio State wrestling, Kyle Snyder using a picture of mine without accreditation letting me know I’d kind of made it and covering Ohio State’s run to the NCAA title game in lacrosse. My 11 months there were some of the toughest but most formative moments and crucial to my development as a creative and a storyteller.

kyle snyder psu intro

Along the way between some freelancing, personal photography and working within the government affairs office at the College of Food, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences at Ohio State, I was able to further implement myself into the digital media field.  Most importantly, I was able to learn the gist of content management systems. Thanks to Ohio State, I was able to learn Drupal 7 and be able to implement maintaining my first CMS in running the office’s website from the summer of 2016 until graduation.

Finally, because of the work put in during the year prior, I was able to secure two monumental internships for the fall of my senior year.

The first was with elevenwarriors.com, the industry leader in Ohio State sports coverage. I was able to cultivate advanced skills in web content, thinking outside the box and creating consistent and constant quality work. In particular, it was because of my series 10 Reasons to Hate that allowed me to produce creative and compelling copy with editorial freedom to express myself.

I also continued to take pictures. In particular wrestling, and more specifically a picture of the wrestling team’s pin chain that Kyle Snyder debuted against Penn State. My image was featured by the likes of Darren Rovell, Snyder himself and FloWrestling amongst others. (bottom right)



But most important to my future professional career has been the time spent in downtown Columbus in the digital department of the Columbus Blue Jackets. Starting in September 2017, I spent the first half of the season interning, learning the digital strategy of the organization and finding my professional calling.

My time with the Blue Jackets allowed me to forge and develop a multitude of important skills.

Namely, I was able to develop an advanced feel for creating compelling content in Adobe Creative Cloud with GIFs, videos and graphics. I produced editorial content in the form of social roundups, providing fans with the week in social media amongst the organization and players while producing creative copy to couple the media.

Perhaps most importantly was being introduced to HomeBase, the content management system used by the NHL and MLB. Not only did I become advanced with a multi-sport CMS, I was able to use those abilities to handle more responsibilities on game nights and essentially integrate myself as a working member of the digital team.

Now, I’m crafting those acquired skills here in Fayetteville, looking for ways to revolutionize myself and the work I put in.

To sum, throughout these pages you’ll find my evolution to this point in my career. My craft, my creative mind, my story.

Thanks for bearing with me.

Cheers to creating